Activity: Draw a stick figure using slide

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We will practice slide command with a stick figure. Start on the other side!

1. Draw two legs of any colour:

pen violet, 5
slide 15, 25
slide 15, -25

2. Now we need to slide back up again to the centre to draw the body. Now add this:

slide -15, 25
fd 40

3. Now we need to draw the arms. Add this code:

slide 10, 12 #Slide right and up
slide -10, -12 #Slide back left and down
slide -10, 12 #Slide left and up
slide 10, -12 #Slide back right and down

4. Finally, add the neck and head. We need to turn right 90 degrees before drawing the head unless we want our person to look very strange! Add this code:

fd 15
rt 90
lt 360, 10 #Draw a full circle for a head
home() #Send the turtle back home
ht() #Thanks for your help, Mr Turtle

That's a very small stick figure. Can you make it bigger? Can you draw some friends?

This page is for planning your stick figure.

You can think about different colours or things to wear. Or think about how to use the slide commands to move the arms to a different position.

Area for sketching your figure:

Contributed by E. Tomlins, Wahroonga Public School, Australia, June 2014